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Wayne Gast Jr. 🦌🦌🦌🦌 Harford County Killer

Wayne’s Bio

Wayne is the owner, editor the mastermind behind Lethal Injection Outdoors. He is a true all-around sportsman. Growing up in the state of Maryland there are all kinds of fish and wildlife to pursue which gives true meaning to the words living Lethal 365. Wayne started small game hunting at a very young age and took to bow hunting in his teens. He has shot Waterfowl, fish, turkeys and bears all on film but his main passion is pursuing and filming Whitetail deer with his bow. Wayne has also caught and bowfished for every legal species in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and tributary rivers. Just recently he was able to travel to Saskatchewan Canada Two times and was successful at killing two bears on film and then Wayne went to Missouri this past season and was able to self film a Deer and Turkey hunt. Wayne’s drive, passion, and high energy camera presence can be seen in the episodes we film. Wayne is always hungry and ready for the next chance to Get Lethal!! 

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💪🏻 Jake Guns Gast 💪🏻


Shawn "Money" Johnson💵

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Nick Lodestro

Nicks bio

Nick is an avid outdoorsman and has been at it since the age of 8.  He grew up in Western New York state hunting whitetail, turkey, predators, and small game.  He’s also had the opportunity to take on wild pigs on the West Coast, big game in the Mid-West, and Waterfowl back East.  For Nick there is no off season and he believes that luck is for those that need it.  He creates his success through physical fitness, range time, and thorough scouting and strategic planning.  “Put the time in and the results will follow.”  In other words he’s Living Lethal 365!  

You will never see him endorse products he doesn’t believe in.  This is a mindset he’s carried since his time as a United States Marine conducting combat operations overseas in austere environments from 2002-2007.  “Your gear is something you have to rely on in that critical moment.  Know how to use it and when to use it.  But most importantly know what you’re using.  If I can’t trust that my gear will perform when I need it most, it’s not in my kit.” 

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Phil Testerman

Phil’s bio

My name is Phil Testerman.  I've been an avid hunter going on 3 decades. Most of my hunting has been in Maryland, with the exception of an Alaskan adventure for coastal black bear.  I enjoy hunting and fishing for everything this state has to offer us outdoorsman. My favorite hunting would have to be for the elusive Sika stag closely followed by whitetails, turkeys, geese and ducks. ( in that order )  My love of the outdoors goes further than the kill or the catch, it's about the the fellowship of freinds and family and especially being able to share the experience with a youth hunter or fisherman / woman.  I can't wait for the day when one of my own ask  me to take them hunting.  As for fishing, I've fished all over the Atlantic coast for just about every species.  My favorite fishing would have to be trout fishing unless I have one or both kids with me ( I'm sure you understand ) or just fishing with the kids.      
- Hunt with X-bow, bow, shot gun, riffle, and muzzleloader- killed Black bear in Alaska- Numerous turkeys- Numerous whitetail's- ****  High light of hunting career killed around 10 or so 6point Sika's *****


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